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microderm-portableUsing a diamond microdermabrasion machine enhances the skins appearance by removing the top layer of the skin through a safe non surgical procedure. This facial machine uses a diamond tip to clean and get rid of dead skin cells through an exfoliation process. The diamond scraper device scrapes off unwanted skin cells from the stratum corneum by removing the top dead skin layer using a suction process through the abrasive particles from the diamond scraper.  A home microdermabrasion machine enables you to rejuvenate your skin in the comfort of your home and this process further enhances the efficacy of your regular skin care lotions. This treatment helps in reducing enlarged pores and wrinkles and it renews and refreshes coarse skin. The home kits come with complete systems for your face and body, and the product aids in polishing the skin gently and easily, reducing stress lines and evidence of sun damage. It also reduces the appearance of age spots.  Home glyco peels are used alongside microdermabrasion treatments to get better results for people with more severe cases. For people who would like to renew their skin, there are different levels of microdermabrasion chemical peels that can be used to remove the top layers of the skin. The first is the mild chemical peels, which takes off the epidermis or outer layer of the skin. The results don’t normally last for a long time and you may notice a side effect of your skin peeling off after the treatment. The second is the medium depth peels, apart from removing the top layer, this also aids in remodeling the second layer of the skin. When the second layer gets healed, new collagen is being formed while the old ones tend to tighten.  Generally chemical peels work best for people with moderate wrinkles and sagging. People that are included in this group are those in their 30′s, 40′s and 50′s. For those in their 60′s or above, who have deeper wrinkles or sagging, the chemical peel might not be as effective. This is because people at that age have underlying soft tissue that a chemical peel cannot fix.  Nevertheless, when you notice that your skin condition or disease is becoming too serious, make sure you visit your dermatologist or physician. It is the place of your dermatologist to recommend types of microdermabrasion treatments and number of sessions that will fit your skin type and condition best.