microdermabrasion-make-up-artistsMany makeup artists are branching out into the esthetician arena and vice versa. With the surge in the demand and popularity of anti-aging treatments, skin rejuvenation, and other procedures—particularly microdermabrasion machine treatments—some professionals working in the various sectors of the beauty industry are expanding their range to make the most of their skills, talent, and client lists. It’s a competitive world for estheticians with their own practices. Anything extra that they can bring to the table is always welcome. That is why it is necessary to get more information about this. The same is true for makeup artists flitting from client to client. This is why professional equipment such as a portable microdermabrasion machine is a best seller. It is an essential tool for an esthetician and now, a valuable add-on for makeup artists moving into skincare services. Deep cleansing and exfoliation are hallmarks of skincare that goes beyond ordinary face washing. This not only helps with the maintenance of skin health but also work well with keeping skin a clear and smooth canvas for top facial products and other cosmetics. Makeup artists venturing into this arena have to have technical training, being that they are professionals in the beauty industry, it only follows that they should have proper training and be duly licensed to practice as estheticians. People should be wary of a makeup professional who moonlights as an esthetician sans license. It would be no better than performing at-home microdermabrasion treatments on yourself except perhaps more dangerous, especially if they have a professional-grade machine. You’d be better served getting a spa microdermabrasion or one at a doctor’s clinic. On the upside, many skincare and beauty professionals willing to do the work required can reap the benefits of having a loyal clientele. The ease and convenience of having all the grooming needs met by one professional can end up not only better for the client’s wallet but also for their overall requirements.